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Bringing Civility Back to Politics



"We can civilly debate ideas without resorting to personal attacks."


Keith was born and raised in Philadelphia suburbs, near Valley Forge. He married Susan, wife and best friend, in 2004.

He is a software developer specializing in pharmaceutical sales support data analytics, a small business owner, and a consultant. He moved to New Boston, NH in 2009.



  • Enjoys playing guitar and taking walks in the woods with our Staffordshire Terrier, “Wilfork.”

  • Recreational pilot

  • C-SPAN junky.


Bringing civility

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A core tenant of my beliefs is that you and your family can spend the money you earn far better than I or any other legislator, bureaucrat, or the government ever could. I will fight not only to keep taxes low but will champion cutting taxes. In New Hampshire we have seen the results of the latest tax cuts: jobs grew, we took in MORE money into the state coffers, and incomes rose. In Concord, I pledge that I will never raise a tax or fee on you or your family.  

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Live Free or Die

Not only is this New Hampshire's state motto, but it is my guiding principle when it comes to making decisions in Concord. This means that I am pro-freedom and pro-liberty. I am a proud supporter of our Second Amendment rights, our right to freedom of speech, and our freedom of expression. Both sides of the aisle want to curtail your rights in some way, but know that I will always put partisan politics aside and do what I can to expand liberty and freedom for our state. 


Your zip code should not determine your educational outcome. Too often smart kids are stuck in bad schools. I am a champion for educational freedom and I will always prioritize students and parents over everything else. In our education system every other group has lobbyists and advocates for more funding and more control over how your child is educated and too often I find that parents and students do not have a voice in Concord. I will fight for our students and I will make sure that your interests are always put first.

School Bus & Children

Smaller Government

We currently have the largest government apparatus in our state's history. Government should not be seen as the solution to every problem we face in society, it should be seen as the last solution. When government grows, all other institutions that support society are diminished, such as churches, charities, businesses, mutual aid organizations, and the family. I am a proud believer in limited government and I will push to make sure that our state government is focused on its core responsibilities and not encroaching into aspects of your life where it has no rightful business being. Furthermore, I am wary of the current trend in our state to give more and more legislative authority to unelected bureaucrats who do not put people and small businesses first. It is time we reigned in government instead of looking for ways to

expand it. 

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